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If nothing shows up, you need the newest Flash player to view the animations / simulations. Get a free Flash player at: , press "download" and follow the instructions.

You will find lots of games, tutorials and demonstrations in science, technology and mathematics here. These Flash animations will help you to understand many things much better. They will help to develop young minds.

I have found easy methods in Candle making that is explained here.

Also have a look at my wildlife photos taken in South Africa.

Go on and enjoy it.

Flash animations are powerful educational media; they make understanding of dynamic and 3D stuff much easier.

They don't replace handbooks - they support handbooks because they can do things that handbooks can't do.


(1) are interactive; you get immediate feedback.

(2) can show objects in 3D by rotating them on the screen.

(3) are dynamic; you see things happening right in front of you.

(4) make use of virtual objects with which you can do experiments and teachers and parents can do demonstrations.

There is no age restriction - the younger, the better.

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Mathematics Animations and Games
Understand mathematics with animations and games.
Wave Animations
Interactive wave and vibration animations. Demonstation of resonace.
Electricity Animations
Interactive electricity animations
Dynamics Animations
Interactive dynamics animations in Matter, Motion and Force
Interactive animations in statics for students in sivil engineering, mechanical engineering and technology
Observe the behaviour of objects, planets and stars subjected to gravity.
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Learn about gears - its properties and applications
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Interactive animations in Engineering Materials science
Engineering Drawing
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Thermodynamics Animations
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Candle Making
Learn about an innovative new way of candle making.
Wildlife photos
Have a look at my photos of wildlife in Africa on Flickr
Mechanics of the Tennis raquet
Learn about the biomechanical fundamentals of tennis
Engine Animations
Interactive engine animations
Discover how to view stereo-pair pictures with this page about stereoscopy.
Pneumatic Simulator
use the pneumatic simulator to built systems

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