Learn with Visual Maths and Science Animations.

Welcome to the Science Animations website. 


If nothing shows up, you need the newest Flash player to view the animations.

These Flash animations will help you to understand many maths and physical science concepts much better.

They will help to develop young minds.


Apps for Android devices
Visual Maths and Science VMS

At Amazon.com search for "Visual Maths and Science gears")
or in the place of gears, type : force, stress, crystal  structures, engine, gravitation, projection, pneumatics, thermodynamics, waves, velocity, momentum, basic electric or energy and search for the app.

Apps for iPhone and iPad
Visual Maths and Science VMS

Apps for the iPhone and iPad, developed by the author of this website, are available. Click on the icons below to download from the App Store.

Fractions for iPad/iPhone   Forces, vectors              Stress, pressure

Engine for iPad / iPhone      Engine lite - free           Velocity

Gears for iPad / iPhone        Gears lite - free      Cubic Crystal structures

Pneumatics for iPad / iPhone  Pneumatics lite - free    Thermodynamics

Electric circuit iPhone / iPad    Electric circuit lite

Gravitation for iPhone / iPad

Waves for iPhone / iPad

Moment, torque for iPhone / iPad

Mathematics Animations and Games
Understand mathematics with animations and games.
Wave Animations
Interactive wave and vibration animations. Demonstation of resonace.
Electricity Animations
Interactive electricity animations
Dynamics Animations
Interactive dynamics animations in Matter, Motion and Force
Observe the behaviour of objects, planets and stars subjected to gravity.
Gears in action
Learn about gears, its properties and applications
Animations in Materials Science
Interactive animations in Engineering Materials science
Engineering Drawing
Animations in Engineering Drawing
Thermodynamics Animations
Interactive animations about thermodynamics
Candle Making
Learn about an innovative new way of candle making.
Wildlife photos
Have a look at my photos of wildlife in Africa on Flickr
Mechanics of the Tennis raquet
Learn about the biomechanical fundamentals of tennis
Engine Animations
Interactive engine animations
Discover how to view stereo-pair pictures with this page about stereoscopy.
Pneumatic Simulator
use the pneumatic simulator to built systems
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Maths and science education in Africa needs support

Please support us so that we can make these animations available to kids in Africa as well as the rest of the world

You may contact me at : PeetvanSchalkwyk@gmail.com +27826686835

Flash animations are powerful educational media; they make understanding of dynamic and 3D stuff much easier.

They don't replace handbooks - they support handbooks because they can do things that handbooks can't do.

They are: (1) interactive: you get immediate feedback.(2) can show objects in 3D by rotating them on the screen.(3) are dynamic; you see things happening right in front of you. (4) make use of virtual objects with which you can do experiments and teachers and parents can do demonstrations. There is no age restriction - the younger, the better.

. . .