Math is fun

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Math is fun simulations will put fun into learning and at the same time develop young minds.


Learn Fractions with App

An app (fractions) for the iPhone and iPad, developed by the author of this website, is available. Click on the icons below to download on App Store.

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Recognize number patterns, construct a number by dragging the correct number of blocks over the line to the right .


Tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron in 3D

There are only 5 regular polyhedra. Rotate them on the screen to see them in 3D. Make them transparent. They are the: tetrahedron (4), cube (6), octahedron (8), dodecahedron (12) and icosahedron (20).

Also recognize shapes in 2D.


Fractions in Mathematics

Distribute apples amongst a number of people. Cut the apples with a knife when necessary.

Learn a lot more about fractions with this animation.

Pythagoras theorem

Pythagoras theorem

Experience the Pathagoras theorem in 2D, 3D AND 4D. Rotate the 3D image on the screen.

2D Coordinates in Maths

3D Coordinates in Maths

Coordinates in Maths

Rotate a xyz coordinate system on the screen and experience it in 3D.


chance in statictics

See how the balls divide by pure chance into the slits.

Also learn about chance in the throwing of a dice.


Understand some basic algebra operations

Other topics available on CD

Calculate, Area and Volume, Vectors, Sequences, Transformations, Idenical/Mirror objects, Numeral Systems, Ratio and Rate

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Here is another interesting android app by Byju's, offering mathematics animations & videos for school and college students:

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