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Technology animations put fun into learning because you can experience many interesting aspects of technology in 3D and in real time.  It links theory and reality.

Topics are: force, frameworks, stress, pressure, bending moment, vibrations, alternating current, thermodynamics, Bernoulli's principle, cubic crystal structures, phase diagrams, orthographic projections, gears, engine

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Forces and structures

Do experiments with forces applied to small elements. Apply force to structures and see how they behave.


Learn about stress, hydraulic pressure, internal stresses and stress on an infinitesimal element.

Cubic crystal structures

Understanding unit cells in materials is much easier with this animation.

Phase diagrams

This Flash animation is about phase diagrams in materials science.

Orthographic projections

Learn about the conventions in engineering drawing. Rotate objects in 3D on the screen to understand the concepts better.


Geared devices can change the speed, torque, and direction of a power source.

Internal combustion engine

Discover some properties of the internal combustion engine with this interactive Flash animation.

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