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Science Animations: Physics Apps, animations and games for high school and first year physics and engineering students

Physics animations let you learn physics and school physical science while playing. These interactive physics and science games make it easy to understand dynamic concepts. Topics are: forces, vectors, stress, pressure, moment of force, torque, speed, velocity, acceleration, gravitation, sun, earth, moon, satellite, momentum, impulse, energy, waves, oscillations, electric circuit, kinetic theory of gasses, stereoscopic images.

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Learn about push and pull forces. Do experiments with virtual objects.

Stress and pressure

Moment of force, torque

Velocity and acceleration

Do experiments with toy cars. Learn about velocity and acceleration.


Observe the effects what gravity has on objects, planets and stars with Physics games. Gravity keeps the planets in their orbits around the sun. Gravity "glues" us to the surface or the earth. Gravity confines the atmosphere to a layer around the earth.


Play with colliding vehicles, a cannon, Newton's cradle etc.


Learn about all the kinds of energy we use.

Waves and vibrations

Sound, light and waves in water all propagate as a result of some kind of oscillation. This page is about waves and oscillations in various mediums.

Kinetic gas model

This animation is about the kinetic theory of gasses.

Basic electric circuit

Students will learn about direct current and alternating current with this interactive Flash animation. Lecturers and teachers can use them in their lectures.

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