Candle making, the best way!

The book explains how to make candles in an innovative new way, much faster, safer and cheaper than most other ways.

Candle making can be dangerous. This book explains how to melt wax in a very safe way. You simply melt the wax in boiling water in a smelter (urn) and then scoop the wax from above the water.

There are also numerous tips in the book that make candle making much easier. You will be amazed!

This book is my contribution to the world to make candle making safer, easier and cheaper. In my little backyard workshop I have improvised over the years and have discovered many money saving tricks which I want to share with all candle makers.

The first part of the book on candle making is for free here.

Click on the link below or click on the cover of the book.

Candle making