Math Apps and animations for Secondary School

Math apps, games, animations and simulations for Secondary School

Math animations for Secondary School are powerful educational media. The are cool and put fun into learning. They make understanding of mathematics easier. Topics are: coordinates, square root, Pythagoras's theorem, vectors, probability theory, functions, differentiation, trigonometry, circle geometry, algebra, exponents, numeric systems.

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3D Coordinates in Maths

Rotate a xyz coordinate system on the screen and experience it in 3D.

Square root - lite

Pythagoras theorem

Experience Pathagora's theorem in 2D, 3D and 4D. Rotate the 3D image on the screen.

Probability theory

See how the balls divide by pure chance into the slits. Also learn about chance in the throwing of a dice.

Functions - lite

Play with graphs of some functions.                                                                  


Demonstrations and animations of differentiation and integration.

Circle geometry

Experiment with all the circle theorems.


Understanding some basic algebra operations.

Other topics available : Vectors,  Differentiation, Trigonometry, Numeral Systems, Exponents.

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